The ‘Love Addicted Girls with BIGLOVE’ (LAG) Collection is a generative NFT collection consisting of 4,000 unique pieces made with love by the Soudan NFT community.

The LAG community has been actively collaborating with famous Japanese creators to awaken the world to the unique Japanese aesthetic.

Each NFT in the LAG collection is unique with different backgrounds, hairstyles, clothing, and facial characteristics. Some are even exclusively made in collaboration with famous creators.

Longer term perks for the LAG collection include collabs with other projects, exclusive merchandise, and more.

*The collection will be deployed on the Ethereum chain with all image data stored on IPFS.

Guidelines for Derivative Fanart

Anyone (not only holders) can create LoveAddictedGirls fan art. Should you decide to create a derivative work, please mention that it is a fanart of the LoveAddictedGirls NFT in any public posts. Ex: use the #LAGfanart hashtag when posting on Twitter.

⚠️ Prohibited Actions

・Any forms of expression that harm the LoveAddictedGirls brand
・Wording or expressions that infringe upon the rights of others
・Content that may lead to misunderstandings around whether said content is officially affiliated with LoveAddictedGirls
・Reuse of secondary creative works without permission of the author or secondary sales via any other method besides NFTs
・Other acts that are judged to be socially inappropriate including but not limited to excessive or direct sexual expressions and content that demeans specific individuals, groups, races or identities

Let’s enjoy the world of LAG together!!


"I'm here and I want you to notice me..."

Love Addicted Girls with BIGLOVE (a.k.a. LAG)
"Gals who take a bold step forwards in hopes that you'll notice them" is the vibe.

Dressed in daring and sexy outfits, watch them pose as they vie for your attention.

They're not usually like this! Their boldness is for your eyes and your eyes only.

They're enamored with you - their feelings might as well be called addictive.

Surely their LOVE will infect you too?...


Mystic (Top Rank Rare)

0.5% of NFTs within the LAG collection are exclusive collaboration NFTs from famous creators

  • Onigiriman


    An illustrator who also works NFTs as a side hustle. A master of color and the shojo vibe. Aficionado of "mashimashi" style works.
    Twitter | OpenSea

  • Fuu Midori

    Fuu Midori

    Masters degree from the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts. Freelance illustrator since 2004 with a heavy focus on fantasy genres.
    Twitter | Foundation

  • Sashimi


    An illustrator into the simpler things in life: cute girls and straight bangs. Often uses vivid and crisp colors to bring energy to my viewers!
    Twitter | OpenSea

  • Minami


    A frog who draws 🐸
    Twitter | Foundation


  • Hayachi


    SoudanNFT Founder
    Kawaii NFT collector
    Twitter | SoudanNFT

  • Fowler


    SoudanNFT Operating Member
    LAG Social Media Manager
    NFT collector
    I love Java sparrows.

  • Crypto Muscle

    Crypto Muscle

    SoudanNFT Founder&Representative
    LAG Founder&Representative
    NFT collector.

  • Kuramin


    SoudanNFT Corporation Representative Director
    LAG Lead Designer
    Twitter | OpenSea | Foundation

  • Miruko


    LAG Designer
    Responsible for clothing and frame design
    Soudan NFT Mascot Character Designer
    I love pretty girls and meat done rare.
    Twitter | OpenSea

  • Anko


    LAG Designer
    Responsible for body and clothing design
    NFT artist
    I like mofumofu.
    Twitter | OpenSea

  • Asuka


    LAG Designer
    Quality checks and corrections
    NFT artist
    I like aesthetic men.
    Twitter | OpenSea

  • Soyumn


    LAG Designer
    Responsible for logo and art direction
    Founder of the mysterious project MOOGIE
    Twitter | OpenSea

  • Kai-shiba


    SoudanNFT Management
    Responsible for audience and social media support
    NFT collector (based on love)

  • Tomotya (Oshiri-san)

    Tomotya (Oshiri-san)

    SoudanNFT Management
    Responsible for audience and social media support
    Booty lover (Kisenosato and friends)

  • 冬海 凪

    Nagi Fuyumi

    Solidity developer
    Web3 developer

  • 【Contributor】 OishiPoN

    【Contributor】 OishiPoN

    SoudanNFT Thai Community Manager
    Thai NFT artist
    Creator of the "To The Sky | Shhh!" Collection
    Twitter | OpenSea

  • 【Contributor】Josh


    Community builder from Stacks since 2019, co-founder of Zensite, a UI/UX design agency. Managed several DeFi communities. Current Community Lead at ALEX DeFi.

  • CryptoMaids&Butlers

    【Collab creator】CryptoMaids&Butlers

    10k NFT project featuring maid cyborg pixel art that involves creating a derivative doujin NFT IP
    Scheduled for mint during Spring 2022
    Twitter | Discord

  • Kurotsuki

    【Collab creator】Kurotsuki

    Background illustrator
    I draw nostalgic landscapes and characters.
    Twitter | Foundation

  • shunichiro.icp


    SoudanNFT Operating Member
    I like Internet Computer and its NFT.

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